Red Cup Under Toilet Seat Hack

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Red Cup Under Toilet Seat Hack. Jordan liles published 20 july 2021 Whether or not that pesky seat should stay forever down or up is a source of many petty arguments and passive aggressive conversations, and it’s suffice it to say that if you live with someone of the opposite sex, you’ve probably experienced the talk firsthand.

Red Cup Under Toilet Seat Hack Strategys
Red Cup Under Toilet Seat Hack Strategys from

I have tried bleach, steam cleaning, cleaning with the toilet cleaner itself, everything. The underside of a few of our toilet seats gets this gross yellow stain. Did you find out why.

Join Potty Training Expert, Jamie Glowacki And Her Son Pascal As They Describe The Many Situations You Can Use Her Most Infamous Trick:

Flush the toilet to get rid of product residue. #thade #put #red #cup #toilet #seat #night #heres #why #ww #learn #more. Online advertisements promised what appeared to be a handy bathroom trick.

The Underside Of A Few Of Our Toilet Seats Gets This Gross Yellow Stain.

I don’t know if this applies but in the old days latin folks (especially women) wound keep a red plastic cup or an empty del monte fruit can by the toilet to use as a makeshift bidet. I searched the entire forum and couldn't find this topic addressed. Follow and watch lovablehaloaddiction on twitch.

Should An Empty Toilet Paper Roll Or Red Cup Be Placed Under The Toilet Seat At Night?

Of course, if the guy gets up from the seat, he will pick up the cup, and go. The dark red/purplish stains on the toilet seat may be from small degree of hematuria or crystals in the urine or the source of the stains may be outs. Any wide mouth, deep container will do.

If You Put An Empty Toilet Roll Propped Under The Lid, It’s Actually A Signal To The Next Person That There Isn’t Any Paper Left And The Staff Need To Restock!

The cup must be hopping mad at this point, when the guy is truly pissed, and may fall asleep on the seat. Putting problems off leads to these problems becoming bigger in the near future. They are all wood, painted white.

Jordan Liles Published 20 July 2021

This one isn’t so much a cleaning hack but a public kindness and cue for cleaning staff. Thade put a red cup under toilet seat at night, here's why ww learn more what. So, use a dry rag or paper towel to wipe the toilet tank, lid, seat, and pedestal to start.

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