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Lg Secret Codes And Tricks. *43# this code will activate call waiting; 2945*#01*# opens a secret menu on lg mobile phones *6861# checksum check

LG X Mach CODES / LG Tricks / Hidden Features / Secret
LG X Mach CODES / LG Tricks / Hidden Features / Secret from

This hides your number in all outgoing calls *#06# : These codes are mostly universal and should work on all android devices, no matter the manufacturer. Quick test menu (samsung galaxy only) *#7353# this code only works on samsung galaxy models.

Now Press The Following Combination With The Physical Buttons On The Remote:

Please note that you must use these secret codes at your own risk. 2945#*# enter the test screen, use on the main menu: If you own a samsung phone that was released after 2017, you can try the following secret codes on your device.

Displays The Lg Software Version, This Does Not Seem To Work On All Phones:

Unlock or recover memory card when you forget your. This code allows you to check which number your phone is. Initiates a factory test of your mobile phone:

Use Your Mobile Phone As Webcam Or Webcamera Using.

Note that there are only a few mmi codes that typically work on all android smartphones. Type 2945#*# on the main screen. Today in this topic, we are going to share codes to access the hidden secret service menu in sony, samsung, lg and philips tv.

If You Are A Beginner Then I.

Hover over the image mode selection menu. Thank you very much for this secret code that leads us to an important hidden menu. Type 2945#*# on the main screen.

Easily Unlock Password Protected Memory Card Of Mo.

This code works for any european unlocked velvet g900em and probably other global unlocked models. Yes, your phone has a a number of tips and tricks that will you make you exclaim, “why did i not find these earlier!” well, to cut to the chase, we have listed here a few android secret codes that can help you in carrying out some tasks with just a few clicks instead of going through a huge list of settings. Read your orkut scraps in your mobile;

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